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Charlotte Malin

Welcome to my site!

The site is currently under construction to better reflect my current offerings. 

You can still find details on my work here. If you're interested in staying up-to-date, join my mailing list or scroll down to contact me!

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heal your heart 

Sound & Energy Healing

Treating Depression, Anxiety, Stress & more

reconnect to your joy and wellbeing 

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express your heart

Musical & Vocal Activation

sing, play & create with confidence and skill 

liberate your expressive potential

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expand your heart





Song Circles

Group Improvisation

building healing community through music & awareness practices

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“He who knows the secret of sound, knows the mystery of the whole universe”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

heal your heart


musical & Vocal Activation
Liberate your expressive potential

Each of us carries an innate creative impulse that seeks expression. Yet, we can often feel blocked by fear of judgment, anxiety, or shame, which can leave us feeling frustrated, dull, or withdrawn. Tension and injury can also result from this blocked energy. 


The key is reconnection with joy, curiosity and play in a safe & loving container. This learning environment enables the accelerated development of skills. By honing our abilities, we grow the confidence to fully express our hearts. 

My work as a Musical & Vocal Activation Coach combines these two elements of expression --- efficient & proven techniques to refine your skills & space to find your own flow.  

I specialize in coaching singers, songwriters, string players (violin, viola, cello, & guitar), improvisers, and anyone who is ready to fully awaken their creative expression. 

express your heart
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Sound & Energy Healing

Reconnect with your joy and wellbeing

Stress, loneliness, loss…. These common experiences can easily create patterns in the body, mind & spirit that manifest as low energy, confusion, physical tension, or feeling shut down. 


However it manifests, the result is disconnection from our wellbeing and joy.  


Sound vibration is a powerful therapeutic tool to reclaim your mental, physical and emotional health.  It can support nervous system regulation, stress reduction, and healing on all levels of being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 


Connect to your most radiant, vibrant self through private Sound & Energy Healing sessions. 

Building healing community through communal expression

The medicine of music and embodiment experienced in community can help to heal our separations - from ourselves, from each other, and from the Earth. 

Gatherings include:

  • Surrendered Singing - Vocal Improvisation Workshops

  • Concerts 

  • Rituals 

  • Song Circles

  • Community Open Mics

  • Live music for Contact Improv & Ecstatic Dance

expand your heart

Gatherings & Events

  • Orphic Encounters: Listening Parties
    Time is TBD
    on Zoom
    Free classes to encounter musical masterpieces with your mind, body, and soul

About Me

Hello! My name is Charlotte Malin and I'm the founder of Resonant Heart Musical Healing. I create life-affirming, joyful, and healing experiences using music and awareness practices.


My work takes forms such as therapeutic sound & energy healing, private music lessons, improvisation workshops, concerts, and more.


I am a professional violinist & violist, improvisational vocal specialist & songwriter. I'm also a lifelong student of embodiment, meditation, ritual, and community building.

Square Stage

"Charlotte is immensely talented, gifted, and effective as a sound and energy healer!  She combines her artistry as a world class musician to heal, remove blocks, and uplift her clients. I highly recommend Charlotte for her multifaceted gifts that she intertwines into all aspects of healing.  It was a truly remarkable experience!"


—  Shelley M.

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