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My Story

My name is Charlotte Malin, founder of Resonant Heart Musical Healing. I create life-affirming, joyful, and healing experiences combining music and awareness practices. My work takes such forms as therapeutic sound & energy healing, private music lessons, improvisation workshops, concerts, and more. I am a professional violinist & violist, improvisational vocal specialist & songwriter, as well as a lifelong student of embodiment, meditation, ritual, and community building.

As a classically trained violin and viola player, I hold cum laude performance degrees from New England Conservatory and Northwestern University. I have collaborated closely with luminaries of the classical world including Yo-Yo Ma, Midori, Kim Kashkashian, and have performed extensively throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. Additionally, I have held positions as Principal Viola of the Hudson Valley Philharmonic, in the Hartford Symphony, the Albany Symphony, and the Sarasota Opera Orchestra.  


In 2019, I transitioned away from an elite orchestral career to deepen into my calling as a healer, but I continued to be active as a performer in genres ranging from classical to punk rock. In that same year, I began writing my own music, collaborating in several improvised ensembles, and teaching improvisation. My clients and students benefit from my unique combination of refined professional training and bold, playful instincts. 

Resonant Heart - Music

Resonant Heart - Music

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My Approach

As an artist and healer, I strive to connect deeply with my own musical and spiritual resonance in order to create a container of transformation and healing for my clients.


For over a decade I have been immersed in my own healing journey --- confronting anxiety, depression, chronic tension, stress, ego-driven ambition, and lack of creativity. I have cultivated tools of embodied awareness, mindfulness, improvisation, energy healing, spiritual & creative channeling, parts work, space-holding, and ritual to bring forth my own wholeness. I continue to share my insights with my clients, students, and friends for our collective healing. 


I have studied Sound Healing at the Globe Institute for Sound & Consciousness, and have immersed myself in the study of authentic movement and relating since 2017. These practices have deepened my channel as an energy healer and ritual leader, enabling me to help others to find relief from physical & emotional pain by connecting to their soulful expression & joy.

It is an honor to hold space where people can feel recognized in the expression of their authentic self.  

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